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Winner Announced For Keys To Success Program! Ken Garff Honda Downtown

Jordan Davis from Davis High School was announced as the big winner for the Keys to Success Program! He turned the key and took home a beautiful 2003 Honda Civic Coupe from Ken Garff Honda Downtown!

Congratulations Jordan and all those who worked hard this year..keep up the great work..and to all…look out for next year the winner could be you! A little hard work goes a long way!

Here is the Honda Civic he took home!

For more information on the Keys to Success Program click here

Ken Garff also has the Road to Success Program which is designed for Elementary Schools and the program’s goal is to have every child read (or be read to) twenty minutes every day. Young readers at participating elementary schools will set their own objectives and measure their performance. By reading 20 minutes everyday they acquire 100 minutes (at least) weekly to enter their name into a drawing. Those who meet their goals will receive prizes along the way. At the end of the school year, students will be eligible to win one of four bicycles of their very own. Please join us in helping young readers learn the most valuable skill they can acquire early in their educational experience – help them learn to read!

Find out more about the Road To Success Program here

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